Vacation Bible School

Vacation bible school is an exciting time for both children and adults. Build up your theme to add excitement and energy to your VBS. Take your kids on a journey to a tropical island, a foreign country, outer space, or wherever your VBS calls. If you work hard on your theme, your kids will remember your church and the life-changing experience they had. Have your t-shirts designed with your theme in mind.

Vacation Bible School T-Shirt Design   T-Shirt design VBS

Sign Me Up!
Start early signing up kids for VBS. Provide a simple sign-up form for all of your age-appropriate Sunday school classes. Make sure to include t-shirt sizes on all registration forms.
Invite families to register online. If your church has a Web site, ask about adding a registration form to the children’s ministry section of the site. Many publishers offer customized VBS Web sites that are easy to use.

No matter how hard you try to pre-register, you’re going to have new children show up on the first day (which is fantastic, by the way!). Give your teachers registration forms, so children can complete them in their classrooms. Always order extra shirts so that the kids that do come in late will also be able get one.


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