Creating a Logo for Your Landscape Company

If you’re a startup landscaping company it’s important to have logo that fits your company name and what you do. Along with your logo you may want to come up with a slogan for your company. Slogans aren’t just made up sayings. They should actually tell what your company stands for. I would give you examples of landscaping slogans but that really wouldn’t do you any good. It needs to be something unique. Our slogan here at TheTDesigner is “Satisfaction Beyond Expectation”. That is what we have been doing since 1997.

Now lets talk a little bit about your company logo. There are several different approaches you can take when creating your logo. I’ll outline the different approaches that we always take when creating a logo for any company.

  1. Consider your company name
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Be original
  4. The cost to have the logo printed or embroidered
  5. Does the logo speak to what you do

If you follow these 5 guidelines you’ll have a unique logo that speaks for your company.

A great way to start is in our Design Studio. The Design Studio has lots of images that can kick start your creative mind. You may also want to visit our Landscaping T-Shirt Design page. There you’ll find pre-designed logos that can be edited or to get ideas from. We are always happy to help with the design process so do not hesitate to give us a call or email us

Watch and Learn How to Create your own Landscaping Logo

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