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Company tee shirts are in our opinion a vital part of ever companies business plan. A professional appearance adds value and legitimacy to your brand. The foundation of your brand is your logo. Your website, packaging and promotional materials–all of which should integrate your logo–communicate your brand.

Branding goes way beyond a company logo. There is a misconception that your logo is your brand. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.

Here are some great articles that will better explain the meaning behind branding your company.

Company tee shirts, polo shirts and caps may seem small or insignificant but in reality that is far from the truth. True business men and women understand that you brand your company by integrating your brand strategies through your company at every point of public contact.

We will not pretend to be knowledgeable in other industries besides our own. Our company owner (Joe) however started off in a completely different industry. He got into the Apparel Decorating industry because of the exact thing that we are talking about. He was looking to brand his company over the competition. He was in was the residential window cleaning business and there wasn’t a lot of competition at the time. There was however a company that had been around a while and had a very large customer base. Joe’s company was called “A Touch of Glass”. The company was of course a start up company and did not have much money. He knew that as part of his branding he was going to need company tee shirts for himself and his employees. Not having the funding necessary he decided he would make all his own marketing materials. This included flyers, refrigerator magnets, car magnets and company t-shirts. Of course everything had to be as professional as possible. This lead to learning how these items were produced. The way he was doing them was time consuming and costly. He decided to look deeper into the production procedures. After learning how they were professionally produced the decision was made to start purchasing the equipment necessary.

Joe decided that he would learn the new industry and when he felt like he was knowledgeable enough in the industry that he would go full time into the new venture. He saw that there was a true need for this industry and it had a great potential for growth.

I am sharing this information with you because it is knowledge that he has passed along to all his employees and customers. Passing along knowledgeable information will only help others and isn’t that what life is all about. Life isn’t about money, fortune or fame. It is about helping others be the best they can be regardless of what deficiencies someone may have. We all have deficiencies. Someone some where taught everyone what they know. If someone didn’t then the world would stop.

We are an apparel decorating company but our customer base is in large part made up of small to medium size businesses. We can relate to these businesses because we are one of the same. We feel like we can help other small businesses grow and at the same time our business will grow. We don’t like to just sell our products to someone and that be the end of it until the next time they need something. We want to form a relationship with our customers. Again, it all goes back to helping others. They have knowledge that can help us. It could be knowledge in the business world or it could be knowledge in some other area of life. Do not be mistaken it does all have to be done on a professional level.

We’ve created a great tool that will simplify the apparel end of your company branding. You can use the Design Studio to customized your own shirts. You can design a brand new logo or upload your present logo to the garment of your choice. We carry several different styles of apparel. We also offer free design assistance. You can visit our website and see different designs that we’ve come up with that you can use as your own or as a guide to designing your own logo.

Company tee shirts

We wish you great success in every area of your life!


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