Design a Tshirt

If you are looking for a simple t-shirt design our new Design Studio will help you design a tshirt in minutes. You can design complex t-shirts or make them as simple as a one color design.

Design a tshirt   

When we design a tshirt we usually find that simple is better. Most customers aren’t looking for something that’s to complicated. You can see in the above samples that simply changing the shirt color and adding an outline around the text and clipart will make the design jump off the shirt. We added a couple of layers to the text in the second design. We did that by using the duplicate object feature in the design studio. All you have to do is place the duplicate object on top of the original and just off to the side. This will give it a drop shadow effect. There is a drop shadow effect feature in the design studio. This is just a different way of doing it. If you design a tshirt here at TheTDesigner we’ll be happy to offer you design assistance and suggestion. We’re here to help!

T-Shirt design is really a fun thing to do. Especially when your designing a t-shirt for your own event. Our suggestion to all our customers is if you haven’t ever used our design studio you should do a few designs over a couple of days. It will help you get familiar with all the tools available to you. It will also help if you get stuck and can’t think of something to do for your event. Our professional design team here will do the same thing. If there is a particular design that they are trying to come up with it usually helps to move on to something else and then come back with a clear mind. Don’t feel like you can’t do it because anybody can. We’ve provided lots of clipart, fonts and t-shirt design ideas to make it really easy for anyone to design a tshirt.